Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6.


To fly why imposing number NON-FARM


Good morning this morning lol for the graph trend is kinda still do not escape to nowhere may not go to TP as public forecasts swing makes heavy piles exist, stand a chance? Sir, for the last week and bothprofit and loss date kinda so Admin, it’s not accurate every day! so you limit your risk as well! To make all people trading comfortably secure in the long run, guys this trade may seem boring, but less profit is not being flashy. Does not show the port like the villagers, he tonbuak a bunch, but that people often no deposit of course lol? For today, the trend graph will be tracked, however, from the Admin‘s analysis today.

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6

–Take a look at all the trends graph today.—***


Trend graphs, H1 = down
Trend graphs, H4 = rising (the graph is on a trend line and North EMA200H4)


The trend graph, Day = down
Trend graph = a down Week
Trend graphs, Month = down


The important concept of daily graphs here ****


The current price of 1.0781
Daily pivot = 1.0764
Fibo 50 Daily = 1.0754


This morning the graph also does not come with the Daily Pivot Fibo 50 kinda thought unlikely to come before choosing kinda way.

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6


Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6

R5 =—-1.0980

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6



S1 = —– 1.0731
S2 = —– 1.0700
S3 = —– 1.0665
S4 = —– 1.0635
S5 = —– 1.0590


Today the main trend graph trend is still down, but the backpack of kinda round up of this reaffirmed by urging it. H1 and H4 guys present concept friends came by to see the Temple from the graph, the graph is now also present in significant resistance as the image is all a down cycle of fibo from the presidential elections in the United States?, by forming friends will see over 100 pips, 1 stroke short and now the graph. Looking to get to another function, but once again, in a bearish trend, by theory is used in the analysis are down from figures released last Non-farm will see that even though the graph will try to go up high would also make New not so still have chance to go to the graph again, but if this trend is to have unraveled, it also has the range แนงว1.0900 1.0890 is during the Day, Sir EMA200 the graph. The fall this time heavy. The wait seems to Sell a samakkwa that the graph will have another Non-farm Payroll figures were released last week, a number that increases height compared to before, so in the near term, this graph probably will have to samakkwa lol.


Signal1 : SELL Limit @1.0795 TP1@1.0755 TP2@1.0670 SL@1.0875


Recursive term and this time 1.0825 1.0890-1.0900 pounded vigorously if the graph. Anticipated plane wrong. is down a very strong provision for the term not exceeding 1.0940 swing.


Today, Hello!, good luck with all the profit gain is strongly in the port of Tanjong everyone! “throughout the years and forever.
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Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-2-6