Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15
Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15
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Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15


15:30 GBP CPI y/y 2.7% 2.6%
19:30 USD Core Retail Sales m/m 0.3% -0.2%
USD Retail Sales m/m 0.3% -0.2%
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Hi, I’m When wankraf, it comes down to Buy target! The friends section. Sell Friday it will add I Buy section yesterday, still dragging the address. Good guys. Trend graph trend is also the legs of every trend has not changed; Hello from the attached graph, figure inrush also leg is up lolTrend graphs for today will be followed from the analysis? Today.

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15

Trend graphs, H1 =.
Trend graphs, H4 =.


The trend graph, Day =.
Trend graph = a Week.
Trend graphs, Month = down

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15

The important concept of daily graphs here ****


The current price for 1.1781
Daily pivot = 1.1793
Fibo 50 Daily = 1.1802

Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15







S1 = —– 1.1795
S2 = —– 1.1745
S3 = —– 1.1695
S4 = —– 1.1656
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S5 = —– 1.1630

Today, the trend is still upward trend graphs, same kinda lolFrom the picture I attached even graph will come down like a lot are from yesterdayHello, but the graph remains in the framework of training legs! “with a graph, it stood over the EMA200 H1 so. Today’s interesting graphs tend to fly more than guys, according to trend นครับHello today is very important point is that the price is kinda 1.1745If the graph comes here and a lower Low, this graph will adjust a leg down again. So, guys. Today the SL‘s admin to address homeless lol

Signal 1 : BUY Limit(@)/BUY @1.1775 TP1(@)/1.1841 TP2(@)/1.1865 SL(@) 1.1745

Signal 1 : SELL STOP(@)/ @1.1745 TP1(@)/1.1700 SL(@) 1.1790

Todayall kinda good luck all you profitable. Guys ask in the port of Tanjong profit is everyone!

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Analyzing the graph FOREX EUR-USD 2017-8-15

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