Analyzing the graph FOREXEUR-USD 7-8-2017 NON-FARM

Analyzing the graph FOREXEUR-USD 7-8-2017 NON-FARM

Analyzing the graph FOREXEUR-USD 7-8-2017 NON-FARM
Analyzing the graph FOREXEUR-USD 7-8-2017 NON-FARM
Good morning Non-farm Friday! Yesterday was kinda Stop loss for the EU together? sorry. From yesterday, the graph comes fromEMA200, which is the H1 bounce the same spot 50 formula Master candle fibo week kinda out of shape I attached my friends are speeding up that graph has dropped down the up trend of backpacks, so the trend graph today? Track.


Trend graphs, H1 =.
Trend graphs, H4 =.


The trend graph, Day =.
Trend graph = a down Week
Trend graphs, Month = down


The important concept of daily graphs here ****


The current price 1.1332
Daily pivot = 1.1413
Fibo 50 Daily = 1.1376




S1 = —– 1.1365
S2 = —– 1.1305
S3 = —– 1.1264
S4 = —– 1.1225
S5 = —– 1.1185
S6 = —– 1.1150
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Today, the main trends of the graph is also a leg up, kinda like the original show in the week Day month still TF? After the graph flipped yesterday came from EMA200 which is the same as H1 fibo 50 week formula Master candle! “from the picture I attached. Now the graph stick 23.6% fibo of the horizontal force, sell the original trend probably has come down to accumulate strength before going on to do a Newkinda High for Non-farm numbers today may come out in very bad this time because it has the Red figures many of the news too and getUSD okay, it was not possible to come to a single course, so now notso much gods as adult training together before, but rarely the briefwait before I can arrange it. Buy together today for a chance to win to make the rods and making New high closing Week with green trend graphs, BRO now seems to want to go EMA200 Week perhaps thismodel is bad 1.1610.

By today, there will be 2 Signal? if do not Sell sex! Scented aroma, enough mouth neck gradually buy massive section. If a trend has enough by solving difficult rotmai.


Signal 1 : Sell Limit(@)/1.1415 TP1(@)/1.1385 TP2@/1.1365SL(@) 1.1465
Signal 2 : BUY Limit(@)/1.1365 TP1(@)/1.1430 TP2@/1.1470SL(@) 1.1300
Todayall kinda good luck all you profitable. Guys ask in the port of Tanjong dwells profit everyone kinda all year and forever.
Invited discussion: Exchange of views trade as compatible.
If you suggest, what canEmbrace all the comments you guys share knowledge together.

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