Bitcoin is a gambling ?

Bitcoin is a gambling ?

First of all, I have a story about the Big Think that happened in the 1990s. During 1997, the emergence of the Internet at that time, Thailand has not paid much attention to the Internet and is not focused on the development of the Internet as it should.

And Bitcoin, it’s Big Think, 2nd from the Internet.

Why is it important even Bill Gates has come out with an interview with CNBC that Bitcoin is a new financial year 2013.

Why financial institutions try to come out against Bitcoin, including Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, Ben Bernanke

Because the occurrence of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies will affect the financial institutions, banks and stock exchanges of course, because of the large amount of money. It will flow to the market Crypto sure enough.

Bitcoin is a gambling ?

And Blockchain is Bitcoin’s backstage technology, and other medals such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, etc.

And with the Blockchain data stored in Miners diggers, the data It is stored on a worldwide basis from millions of computers.

Information No one or any hacker can change the data or transaction of Cryptocurrencies.

Miners Miners will make a Confirm Transaction to receive the reward. By confirming the Proof of Work business, the latest ETH coin is also upgrading from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake to reduce power consumption. And a deposit. To receive a reward instead of digging and digging, it is called the strike itself. ETH is about to change from PoW to PoS from December onwards, gradually to be completed by 2018.

We have heard that most of the hack from the hacking Exchange Web, Web Trade, or Web-buying is hacking Hash Rate can not hack the coins or Blockchain.

Bitcoin is a gambling ?

You can hack the Wallet Address and Private Key on your service provider’s server. Of course, the security comes from each provider.

And we will see that most of the money is a Web-based shopping bag, Web Trade or Web-buying is hacking Hash Rate. He will not give Private Key with us, but the Wallet Address when he holds Private Key to confirm the deposit. Of course, when Hacker access, it can be hacked to get there.

The tradesman created a Wallet Address outside of himself, and kept the Private key confidential. Some people put the paper on hold or many bought the Wallet Hardware Security Ledger Nano. Cryptocurrencies My own

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Why Bitcoin is not popular in Thailand to buy products and services before we have to say that today there are no laws to support Bitcoin in Thailand. And no legal debt.

However, we can exchange Bitcoin and other coins in Thai Baht via, and international money exchange. Localbitcoins, Bitpay,, Bitflyer, Bithumb

Nowadays, we have created a Debit Bitcoin card from Epayments and Tenx to remove all foreign currency cards from ATMs. All our ATMs are deposited. Then we took the card out to the US. Then the service provider will break Bitcoin and other coins automatically.

In addition, Japan is a country that legally supports the use of Bitcoin. Legally And Korea, too, will only be South Korea will be banned ICO or raise funds from the new coins from Start Up.

The United States has also enacted Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is a legitimate asset.

Bitcoin is a gambling ?

Last December 10, CBOE opened Bitcoin Future and 17 CME Group was the futures market. The largest in the world will also open Bitcoin Futures as well. The Nasdaq will open in 2018.

In addition, KBank has developed Blockchain, Bitcoin’s backstage technology to help banks. It helps to make financial transactions faster loan agreement within 1 day from 7 days. Really, CEO says that the fast one hour just to make it right.

Commercial Bank of Thailand The technology of coin Ripple to transfer money between countries such as Thailand – Japan from the transfer money to Japan takes 7 days or more to take only 15 minutes.

But even if Fiat Money or its bankers take Blockchain, it is not. Decentralized 100% at this point. There is no way that the old financial system will overwhelm Cryptocurrency because it is 100% decentralized.

And now, LAZADA in Thailand will launch Bitcoin in the trading.

And the latest EBay CEO says it will accelerate the use of Bitcoin in trading as well.

OmiseGo coin is a Payment Gate Way from Thailand and Japan made from Blocker’s Ethereum technology. It also purchases Pay Sabay from Dtac to pay for it.

Although many people see that. It is not used in everyday life, but deep, then we use it offline.

Bitcoin is a gambling ?

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