FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18

FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18


FOREX EUR - USD 2017-8-18
FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18

Good morning lol when a relatively pressure-swing wankraf kinda allup all down from khaonok table is coming all from Trump Twitter? News of people important to America’s economy, North Korea?? Kindamakes theNow the graph even swing to labour, but it has not yet dropped a trend gone far. Hello from 2 days ago Admin nahen graph.Try to make a New graph trends section, Travelocity Low BRO? track.Bro

FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18
Trend graphs, H1 = down

FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18

Trend graphs, H4 =.
The trend graph, Day =.
Trend graph = a Week.
Trend graphs, Month = down

The important concept of daily graphs here ****

The current price for 1.1736
Daily pivot = 1.1721
Fibo 50 Daily = 1.1725



S1 = —– 1.1672
S2 = —– 1.1642
S3 = —– 1.1595
S4 = —– 1.1545
S5 = —– 1.1505
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FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18

Trend graph today at Hong Kong, ramen kinda shaped fatam milk, we can see that the first image is a graph, this one is kinda H4 because yesterday, Sir Admin milk ongwa the graph will continue to fall because, when wankraf has made a New Low coming down, guys in the cycle of the H4!, so this kind of graph, find the rhythm, it’s better than I can Sell the images that it is Day 2 Day graph is also Sir.? but we play in short cycles of the graph to highlight the RR guys by today! I mongkraf to go down trend Yesterday, Sir, but the Chancellor also of khai it holds if the graph up to that price, the graph will adjust a leg 1.1845, up and it will fly up to the lengthy ongoing so today if the Stop loss Sell then it, wait for it, a continuous rhythm and I Buy on the part ofthe Day, it also graphs Osma MACD cut down! “and is also the H4 down so I will adjust the vertical straight down to the mongkraf locus graphs come yesterday lol.

Signal 1 : Sell Limit(@)/ @1.1758 TP1(@)/1.1675 TP2(@)/1.1635 SL(@) 1.1845

FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18

Todayall kinda good luck all you profitable. Guys ask in the port of Tanjong profit is everyone!
Invited discussion: Exchange of views trade as compatible.
If you suggest, what canEmbrace all the comments you guys share knowledge together.
FOREX EUR – USD 2017-8-18

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