FOREXEUR-USD 2017-8-9 analysis of the graph

FOREXEUR-USD 2017-8-9 analysis of the graph


FOREXEUR-USD 2017-8-9 analysis of the graph. Don’t rely on a dashdown to up, smashed t HES.


Hi, I’m Yesterday, it’s Stop loss too from the Red news yesterday, from which came the news that now seems to have khaodi of the USD continue! I am a part, it comes from the money, the weak USD makespeople much more investment, unemployment would be reduced and, as a resultthe numbers way better economyGuys today likely would be tracked at all. Bro

Trend graphs, H1 = down

Trend graphs, H4 =.
The trend graph, Day =.
Trend graph = a Week.
Trend graphs, Month = down

The important concept of daily graphs here ****

The current price 1.1731
Daily pivot = 1.1763
Fibo 50 Daily = 1.1768







S1 = —– 1.1695
S2 = —– 1.1656
S3 = —– 1.1630
S4 = —– 1.1595
S5 = —– 1.1560
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The trend today is a down graph H1. H4 section up to a leg up. There is a continued proliferation of contracts. News from yesterday have created confidence in the USD stay faithful more sell after a long time, but news that effects the war news with news, Trump!? probably hasenough swing graph, but thought that the last laeokraf seems to bedown as of Monday, likely toDon’t need a test around the graph seems to be going up to 50 bar range 1.1630 fibo Month months. This is exactly the concept of dormancy of the graph, lol. Today will wait and then swing graph has no drag lot lol.

Signal 1 : Sell Limit(@)/1.1765 TP1(@)/1.1695 TP2(@)/1.1630 SL(@) 1.1840


The Swing phase graph possibly 1.1781. Hello, if the graph come here repeatedly blowing guys.


Signal 2: Sell STOP (@) (@)//TP1 1.1712 1.1695 SL short Break term 1.1730 (@).

Todayall kinda good luck all you profitable. Guys ask in the port of Tanjong profit is everyone!

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